Lets Break the Rules

Times have changed. Many law firms have refused to evolve. But we're not all the same - here at Avis & Funk Law we believe that the legal profession has entered a new era. Some call it NewLaw. We call it common sense.

We've done away with tradition and created a law firm for the modern era. We've disposed of the billable hour, implemented a transparent approach to fees (you will find our fixed fees listed right here), embraced innovative tech-led thinking and created a flexible work culture that actually values the happiness of our team.

We are a group of down to earth, talented and fresh legal minds. We take your legal problems and deconstruct them into plain English, free of clichés and legal jargon. The best part? Nasty surprise bills are just not our style, so you can expect budget certainty whenever you deal with us.

We get it - choosing the right lawyer to entrust with your legals is a big decision, and one which shouldn't be made lightly. But if you're looking for a law firm that's in touch with the here and now, we think you'd love to deal with us. So get in touch, and see how we can help. We guarantee you won't regret it!

Small firm, big outcomes.