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Benjamin Avis

Benjamin Avis LLB, GradDipLP

Legal Practitioner Director

Having worked with property for much of his legal life, Ben is your go-to for anything and everything related to a block of dirt (or the apartment ten stories above it). Ben receives a strange amount of pleasure in helping clients with property transactions, which none of us can understand. Perhaps this is an indicator of something that we should be worried about, but for now, we will just enjoy his wealth of experience and passion for the industry.

Ben likes to think of himself as a “tech wiz kid”, but don’t let him fool you; he is really just a closet nerd. This has, however, put him ahead of the curve when it comes to internet and technology law, and has earned him the unofficial title of “tech support” around the office. However, his tech support always comes with a catch; a lecture on what you did wrong, followed by two pages of notes and a pop quiz to make sure that you were paying attention.

He earned the nickname “Sheldon” after the popular character from the Big Bang Theory for good reason; he is stubborn, argumentative, and always strives to be correct. Perfect qualities for a lawyer. However, those skills aren’t saved only for use in court, and there are a few topics that only the bravest of debaters would mention around him.

With a righteous outlook and a motivation to grow a law firm with a reputation for honesty, integrity and ethics (so much so that Gandhi himself would be proud), he is a perfect fit here at Avis & Funk Law.