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Larissa Funk

Larissa Funk LLB, GradDipLP

Legal Practitioner Director & Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1798794)

Larissa has always been full of wanderlust, having already seen more than 40 countries (and counting), so it only makes sense that she has become a brilliant Registered Migration Agent. We keep hoping that she will stay still, but she is impossible to pin down in one place for long. Lucky for us, she keeps coming back, and every time with a few more tools in her Migration Law toolbox.

Larissa’s libertarian beliefs (not to be confused with librarian – even though she does love her books) have made her a crusader against the government, with her arena being the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Her zealous nature and passion for “standing up for the little guy” have earned her an incredible success rate in the Tribunal. However, sometimes her beliefs are a bit too strong, and we are surprised that she hasn’t started sporting a tin foil hat. Regardless, if you have an issue with the government, whether it be your local council or the Department of Immigration (well, the Department of Home Affairs now), you won’t find another lawyer more supportive of your cause than Larissa.

Larissa has always been up to date with health, style and fashion trends, which has presented us with a few issues around the office. Most recently, we have had to stop her from turning the office into a jungle of succulents and ivy; before that, it was replacing all of our seats with milk crates. Lucky for us, her ultra-modern tastes don’t stop there, and she is always two steps ahead of the curve when it comes to business and technology. She had signed up for Uber driving within a week of it coming to Australia, and is the proud owner of an undisclosed amount of Bitcoin. She has an uncanny ability to identify ground-breaking innovations, and is the visionary that will keep this firm ahead of the competition. If you want your business to stay ahead, Larissa is the one to talk to.

With a fastidious nature and an eye for detail, Larissa has her eyes set firmly on the future (both for ourselves and our clients). We are thankful that her backpacking adventures have landed her here in Varsity Lakes, and we are excited to see what she can bring to the table.