Lets Talk Fees

Our Fees

At Avis & Funk Law, we believe our clients deserve price certainty. That’s why our Gold Coast lawyers have ditched the clock and embraced a fixed fee price structure. Instead of counting the minutes every time we chat, our lawyers quote a fee and stick to it, no matter how much work is required. That means no billable hours, no hidden charges and no surprise bills.

Oh, and because we’re all about transparency, we've listed our fixed fees for our most popular services. Choose a base service and select associated add-ons or pick and choose a variety of different services to suit your individual case needs. All of our fees are all inclusive, to provide you with predictability and complete certainty. What you see is what you pay.

Flexible payment options

As a new age law firm, we are open to a range of payments options. Want to pay all or part of your fees with bitcoin? No problem. We are happy to accept bitcoin payments, so there’s no need to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat. Just ask us how!

Director agreement$1,100.00
Shareholder agreement$1,540.00
Joint venture agreement$1,100.00
Partnership agreement$1,100.00
Termination agreement$770.00
Discretionary or unit trust deed$770.00
Tailored advice regarding your business structure$385.00
Company registration (including ASIC fees)$990.00
Business start up package: includes tailored business structure advice; ABN, TFN, GST and PAYG registrations; business name registration; AUSKey setup; plus a 20% discount on our services for setting up your chosen structure$770.00
Small business health check: we examine your business to ensure that your structuring is suitable to you, and that you are compliant with all necessary laws and regulations$110.00
Online documents package for businesses & startups: includes privacy policy, terms of use, & email disclaimer$770.00

Purchasing a property (base rate)$990.00
+ if the property has a body corporate, ADD$220.00
+ if the property is a house and land package, ADD$330.00
+ if you require Foreign Investment Review Board approval, ADD$110.00
Selling a property (base rate)$660.00
+ if the property has a body corporate, ADD$110.00
+ if we prepare the contract of sale, ADD$220.00

Letter of demand$770.00
Preparing and lodging caveat$770.00
Preparing and filing QCAT application$1,155.00
Copyright advice regarding ownership & protection$385.00
Copyright licence$770.00
Assigning copyright$770.00
Moral rights deed of consent$770.00
Parent visa application - any category$2,695.00
Partner visa application (married or de facto)$2,695.00

BUT if you currently hold a prospective marriage visa AND the prospective marriage visa application was done through us

Assistance with stage 2 permanent partner visa assessment$770.00
Prospective marriage visa (subclass 300) application (fiancés/fiancées)$2,695.00
New Zealand citizen family relationship visa (subclass 461) application$1,155.00

Standard will$330.00
Pair of standard wills for partners$550.00
Pensioner will$220.00
Will creating testamentary trust$1,100.00
Pair of wills for partners creating testamentary trusts$1,540.00

Web development agreement$1,100.00
Website content supply agreement$1,100.00
B2B software licence agreement$770.00
Website advertising agreement$770.00
Click wrap software licence (B2C)$770.00
Small scale B2B web hosting agreement$770.00

Review of employment contract and advice$770.00
Preparing employment contract (including award and National Employment Standards advice)$990.00
Preparing letter of offer for award employee (including award and National Employment Standards advice)$770.00
Preparing confidentiality agreement$770.00
Preparing policies and procedures (per document)$385.00
Loan agreement$1,100.00
Security deed & registration of security interest on PPSR$990.00
Personal guarantee$770.00
Certificate of independent legal advice for guarantor (per person)$385.00
Loan documents suite: includes one loan agreement, one security deed, up to two personal guarantees, and one mortgage$2,200.00
Certifying & witnessing documents$110.00
+ per additional document, ADD$22.00
General power of attorney$385.00
Initial consult (however long it takes)$220.00